Winner of The Israeli Television Academy Awards 2018 forBest mini series & Best comic actress
Avishai Sar-Shalom, a world-renowned economist and leading candidate for the Nobel Prize in Economics, is found dead in bed one evening, after an apparent heart attack. His body is discovered by his four closest friends who have known him for the past fifty years. But just before they call an ambulance and begin working out the funeral arrangements, one of them has an idea: It is only five days before the recipients of the Nobel Prize are announced, five days between the burial of another forgotten professor of economics, and a Nobel Prize laureate, whose name will be engraved for all eternity. The Nobel Prize cannot be awarded posthumously, but it has happened that the committee innocently announced a winner without knowing that he or she died a few days before, and the decision is binding. What if his friends keep him “alive”, what if they conceal his death for the next five days – just five days – thereby giving him the opportunity to achieve the one thing he wanted more than anything? The result is a series that is funny, tragic, absurd in parts and unbearably realistic. Stockholm deconstructs life, death, friendship and love, and then artfully reassembles them.The novel upon which the series is based was published in 2016 in Israel by the Kinneret Zmora-Bitan publishing house. It received rave reviews and became a bestseller. The novel is shortlisted for the Sapir Prize for literature (the Israeli Man Booker).