High Rise love

A dating show that takes place inside an office building, and play with the idea that the love we are looking for might just be right under our nose, or maybe at the floor above us. In every big office building there are thousands of employees. Each morning they navigate into their cubicles through the lobby and the elevators. Each one of them has problems on his or her mind, hurrying to get their work done for the day. Assuming many of these people are single men and women, they crave for a connection and finding love, but return every evening after work to a lonely flat. Not many of them realize that the building where they work might just be the perfect resource to find the partner of their dreams, who might just be working at the floor above them. Imagine what if the single handsome man from accountancies at 56th floor and the lovely single female lawyer from the 12th floor would get stuck together in the elevator that they take every day, without looking up from their smartphones. Premise