Won The award for best actress, Joy Rieger, in an international feature film at the Tribeca Film Festival.
Kiryat Yam is a poor, sleepy city on the shore. The businesses are slow, the beaches are empty, the youngsters are bored to death. All Lana (Joy Rieger) wants is to run away from the morosity of her town, from the resignation of her mother Irena, that complains repeatedly that the mayor pushed her beach café to bankruptcy, but does nothing to change her situation. Lana is 15, she’s harsh and cynical, wild and bored. Lana kills time on the old whale statue stranded on the deserted boardwalk, surrounded by some guys her age that see in her just another guy from the group. Until one day a rumor spreads in town : a fisherman has seen a mermaid in the sea. Lana laughs at the naivety of Tamar that seems to believe this. Soon they would find out that a small hope for something irregular can wake up a whole city and especially Lana's life