Border Living

A young family who moves to the Israeli Gaza border due to an economic crisis and for the first time dealing with a security crisis that challenges the boundaries of Happiness.

"Like many young couples, both my husband and I woke up one day and realized life in the big city is too expensive for us, and the debts piled up will not disappear by themselves. We decided to leave Holon and move with our two small children to the cheapest place we found on the map: Kfar Aza; beautiful kibbutz on the border with Gaza City.

When we moved to the Kibbutz, it was a relaxed and prosperous place, so when the first Qassam missile fell, and then the second and third, we felt that the new life we had built deteriorated. The film documents the last three years, where the missiles fell on the kibbutz became routine, and we were debating what is right to do. We asked ourselves tough questions about our responsibility as parents and we struggled with our children and our own anxieties. But at the same time, unbelievably, we adapted to the situation and fell in love with the place".

An intimate documentary of family survival in a complex Israeli reality, in a place that makes you re-examine all your boundaries and beliefs.